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Teaching Clinics

Appointments with our trainee osteopaths cost £25.00 each, and are available on Friday mornings, Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Our trainees are experienced doctors who are learning to be osteopaths, under the supervision of our qualified College Tutors. Teaching Clinic appointments are usually 60-90 minutes in length to allow for training, and include both a detailed assessment by the trainee and a review by the supervising tutor.

The College of Osteopaths who are a separate osteopathic school for mature students, run a training clinic on Tuesday and Thursdays, appointments are £25, their students are supervised by experienced osteopathic tutors and appointments last about 60-90 minutes.


Qualified Clinics

The Osteopathic Association Clinic (OAC) provides appointments with Registered Osteopaths from Monday to Thursday. Appointments are usually 30 minutes in length and cost £45.00. Clinics are currently offered by the following practitioners:

Sonia Gogia

Miss Sonia Gogia BSc BSc, Registered Osteopath.

Clinics on Monday & Wednesday.
Click here to book an appointment with Miss Gogia.



Gulum Adel

Dr Ghulam Adel MD, MLCOM, qualified Medical Practitioner and Registered Osteopath

Clinics on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Click here to book an appointment with Dr Ghulam Adel.



Dr Denise Forth

Dr Denise Forth BM BS, MLCOM, qualified Medical Practitioner and Registered Osteopath.

Clinics on Wednesday & Thursday.
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Dr James Inklebarger MD, Diplomas Osteopathic Medicine, Sports & Exercise Medicine GB & I, Musculoskeletal Medicine Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Interests: Prolotherapy in the management of chronic back pain.
Skills: MSK diagnostics, Spinal & peripheral joint US guided injections.
James also offers Shockwave Therapy and Diagnostic Ultrasound.

Clinics on Saturday mornings.
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Dr Theo Peters, MLCOM, qualified Medical Practitioner and Registered Osteopath
I use an Osteopathic Technique called Strain-Counterstrain therapy which is based on Tender points and Acupuncture meridians and which involves no forceful movements, thus returning the muscles and joints to there normal function. It does not involve manipulation, and as I use our clothes to help assess the tender points you do not have to undress.

I treat all musculoskeletal and its associated pain syndromes and this applies to dysfunction in the foot and ankle, pain in the knees going upstairs and downstairs, hip and groin pain, sciatica and spinal dysfunctions right up to the skull with associated headaches and facial pain and most shoulder, arm and hand dysfunctions. I have treated the syndrome of Restless Legs succesfully and its associated symptoms of cramp, burning feelings in the feet and back pain in bed. I can be consulted at LCOM on alternate Fridays and the secretariat can inform you regarding when my next clinic will be.

Clinic on Fridays and costs £80.

Click here to book an appointment with Dr Theo Peters.

If you would like to pay for your treatment by cash, and have none with you, there are cash machines next door in Marylebone Station, alternatively if you would prefer card payment we have had to introduce a small additional fee for this of under 1% to cover the cost of card payments made by your bank to us. We hope that you understand the reasons for this new policy. The cost of your treatment is still heavily subsidised by Osteopathic Trusts, we offer very competitive high quality osteopathic treatment.

Medical Insurance

Our practitioners are recognised by a number of Private Health Insurance Providers. While this may ultimately mean that your treatment costs are refunded, it is anticipated that you will pay the appropriate fee when you attend for your appointment, and claim from your Insurer in retrospect. Cash, cheques and credit card payments are accepted.

Receipts can be provided on request.

Clinics operating independently of the Osteopathic Association Clinic

Craniosacral Therapy Clinic, run by Dr Shahla Shamsa
Performing Arts Clinic, run by Dr Simon Shaw with Dr James Inklebarger and Kathy Whitehouse

Client Testimonials

“... I started seeing the osteopath because of problems with my neck and upper back caused by spending long periods of time on the computer at work. The practice staff are friendly and professional and I'm really happy with the treatment I have received - it's been effective and I've been given lots of practical advice on things I can do while working to relieve discomfort in between my check up appointments. RG, London ...”

“... I spent several months unsuccessfully visiting another osteopathic practice trying to alleviate distressing neck pain, tingling and numbness in my elbow and fingers as well as lower back pain that prevented me sleeping at night. Within weeks of attending the clinic I responded to the treatment, which involved applying manipulation techniques to my body rather than being strapped up to a contraption for the whole session, as had been my previous experience. The discomfort and symptoms that I was experiencing has substantially reduced and feel much more comfortable in my body. My therapist is very engaging and I always feel at ease. The reception staff are welcoming and will also give reminder call the day before appointments. MW, London ...”

“... I was suffering terrible neck pain and a colleague told me about the clinic. I called and got an appointment the very next day. I have had three treatments and this along with the exercises I was given, and tips on sitting correctly at my desk I have seen so much improvement and am now pain free. JB ...”

“... I made an appointment at the training clinic as an old sports injury to my ankle was playing up. The student who was looking after me was very thorough in his assessment and made sure I was comfortable and discussed my case with his supervisor before starting treatment. I found this very reassuring. I have booked a follow up appointment, but I already feel some benefit after just one treatment. The consultation and treatment were not at all rushed. I really felt both the trainee and the supervising osteopath were giving me their full attention ...”