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Membership of the London College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Pre course learning is directed by our Distance Learning Module leading into a 2 week intensive course leading into the clinic based course running two days a week, Friday and Saturdays, over 18 months which means less week day commitment, and also makes it easier for doctors to maintain their current activities.

    We have previously run a shorter course over 13 months 3 days a week, if students are interested in studying during other week days and therefore qualifying sooner, then discuss with the Course Directors. We may be able to adapt our program to your needs.

    Course Structure

    1. Distance Learning Course for 2 Months

    The majority of this is revision of anatomy and physiology, with a small component of new material relating specifically to osteopathy. Students are supported throughout the course by a mentor, and the mentoring starts with the distance learning course. We emphasize that this is an important start to the course as anatomy and pain physiology need to be up to date to get the most out of intensive course and clinic work.

    2. Intensive course for 10 days

    The intensive course is two consecutive weeks of 5 week days. This part of the course prepares the student for the learning in the clinic – revising some musculoskeletal and orthopaedic examination techniques but introducing new refined osteopathic assessment and treatment techniques so you are ready to start in the clinic diagnosing and treating patients.

    3. Clinic Teaching

    After the intensive two weeks the attendance for clinic teaching is two days a week for 78 weeks and one and half days of this is supervised patient care in the clinic. Saturday afternoons are spent in tutorial learning and practicing techniques. With 4 hours expected home study this meets the 21 hour per week requirement for various statutory bodies for the issue of overseas study visas and discount travel cards.

    Course Content

    • The underlying theory and principles of osteopathy will be introduced by distance learning and in the intensive course. The distance learning course over two months is to revise basic sciences such as anatomy, pain physiology and study concepts of osteopathy. The college will advise on reading material and interaction will occur via email with your mentors who are faculty members.
    • Teaching includes familiarity with the concept of somatic dysfunction and relevant neurophysiology, ergonomics and postural adaptation.
    • A high level of skill in musculoskeletal diagnosis will be taught including conventional medical and osteopathic examination techniques.
    • Students will also need to re-evaluate previous knowledge and integrate it with study of the evidence base relevant to osteopathy and musculoskeletal pain and impairment.
    • A range of osteopathic techniques are taught to the level of safe independent application. The teaching focuses on structural osteopathy with introduction to indirect techniques.
    • Teaching is designed to reach the standard to enable independent practice as a medical osteopath, and also to reach the standards required to register with the General Osteopathic Council.