What to expect at a consultation?

  • Case History
    Your osteopath will begin the consultation by taking a full case history. You will be asked details about your symptoms, your body generally, your medical history and aspects of your life that may be impacting on your problem. For instance, your occupation, hobbies and social situation can all provide important insights into your problem.

    Your osteopath will then go on to examine you. This includes assessing your posture and asking you to perform some slow gentle movements to gain an understanding of how your body is moving. The osteopath will examine your joints and feel the tone of your muscles in order to formulate a diagnosis.

    The osteopath will then discuss their findings with you, and discuss the options for treatment. In the rare event that treatment is not advisable, the osteopath will explain why, and may refer you to another healthcare professional.

    Treatment is safe, gentle, and generally pain free. Techniques used are highly specific to the patient, and often include osteopathic massage, stretching, articulation of joints and manipulative techniques. As part of an ongoing plan, your Osteopath may recommend lifestyle changes, postural changes, stretches, and exercises.

    What to wear?
    In the majority of cases you will be asked to undress to your underwear so that you can be assessed ‘holistically.’ Please wear sports kit or underwear that you will feel comfortable in.

    What happens after treatment?
    Every patient reacts differently to treatment. Some patients often recognize an instant increase in function. You may find that you are sore for a day or two after treatment; this is not unusual as your body adapts to the treatment.

    What about follow up?
    Your osteopath will give you an indication as to the number and frequency of treatments required for your problem. Your treatment may need to change from session to session according to your body’s response. Things that are working can be repeated, and new techniques tried if progress is slow.

    Osteopathic examination and treatment is generally gentle but a “manipulation” or “thrust” may be required. For this your consent is required and it will be discussed with you at the time. If you are not happy to go ahead then alternatives will be found.

    Similarly some of our medical practitioners may recommend injection. This again would be discussed with you in detail and your consent sought. If you are not happy then alternatives will be found.

    Your treatment plan in general will be discussed with you at your consultations and your consent and agreement sought. If you are not happy with any aspect then please let us know. In the first instance you should be able to discuss this with your therapist.

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