• For 2017 the fee for the next 18 month course is £11 500. Prior to the distance learning course £6000 is payable, with subsequent payments spread over each calendar month after the first 6 months until the end of the course, which is 12 payments of £458 per calendar month.

    Teaching with a high ratio of tutor to student is necessary to develop osteopathic skills, and is expensive to deliver. The students fees do not cover the cost of tutoring, the majority of which is made up by donations the patient make to the clinic, which is about £5,000 per student over the course. This means that, if a student decides not to continue with the course for some reason, the cost in lost income to the College through patient donation lost is significant. For this reason the College would not be able to refund fees once the student has started the distance learning course.

    UK General Practitioners may be able to get prolonged study leave and funding for locums during the course, please discuss details with the Course Director.

    Arthritis Research UK will support UK General Practitioners in musculoskeletal training. Doctors in UK hospital medicine are advised to discuss training on our course with their medical directors as previous graduates have received support from their Trust.