• Trainees who successfully complete our Osteopathy course and graduate from the London College of Osteopathic Medicine are awarded Membership of the College. The skills acquired on the course enable our graduates to practice osteopathy privately, or within the NHS or equivalent organisations. However, only those who also register with the General Osteopathy Council may use the professional title of Osteopath.

    On completing their course, our graduates enter a lively community of medical osteopaths working within the UK and around the world. Many graduates also join the Association of Medical Osteopaths as a means of retaining contact with the College and with their fellow graduates. A formal educational meeting of the Association is held at the College each year, and a Directory of members is maintained. An informal group of graduates of the College also meets two or three times each year to revise and review techniques and clinical problems. After some time in osteopathic practice, graduates may return to take up a teaching role at the College or within another institution.